A project of publication of an atlas of kalinigrad’s nesting birds

It’s planned the publication of aforesaid atlas. All the necessary material for the atlas has already been gathered. The atlas will hold the data concerning the quantity of birds’ species and the data about distribution of nesting birds on the town’s territory, as well as recommendations for organizing of ornithological excursions and various nature conservation measures. Publication of the atlas will foster the development of ecotourism and will spread the ecological knowledge among people. The atlas is supposed to become a very useful handbook for broad sections of nature-lovers, as well as it could be a good reference book for city’s authorities in matters of nature conservation policy.

At the moment there are no means to publish the atlas. Therefore we would appreciate any assistance for the atlas’ publication, including the promotion in searching and attracting of sponsors.

Prospective format of the atlas: it would contain approximately 200 pages, including 100 pages with maps showing distribution of birds. It is supposed to place a coloured map of Kaliningrad into appendix of the atlas.

Contact information: Lykov Yegor Leonidovich, postcode 236006, Kaliningrad, 2 Botanicheskaya street, office 18. T: +7 4012 46 13 21, F: +7 4012 46 44 86, e-mail: e_lykov@mail.ru

About the project

There are several scientific approaches to study features of territorial distribution of birds. One of those is compiling of atlases, which generally implies the abstract dividing of examined city territory into square sectors. To prepare the atlas of nesting birds of Kaliningrad, the city territory was divided into 167 sectors (each sector has an area of 1 square kilometer). Far-flung suburban territories have not been studied during the research. For each sector it was made a list of species of nesting birds stating the population of each species. In addition it was carried out an estimate of sector’s landscape-level damage.

Long-term objective of the project is conservation of birds’ fauna of Kaliningrad.

Goals of the project:

1. Dissemination of information about Kaliningrad’s birds among population.

2. Attracting attention of city’s community to the problem of birds’ conservation.

3. Providing of the methodological assistance to teachers of biology in organizing lessons and excursions about city’s birds.

4. Preparation of necessary information when approving ecologically reasonable solutions on urban planning, i.e. expert examination of development plans and its possible risks to nature.

Project executors:

G.V. Grishanov, head of subdepartment of Ecology and Zoology of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Candidate of Biological sciences.

E.L. Lykov, postgraduate student of department of Vertebrate Zoology of Faculty of Biology of Lomonosov Moscow State University.