The “Birds of Moscow and the Moscow Region” project is organized and functions on a voluntary basis. In general the project doesn’t receive any permanent financing. We raise funds required for publication of ‘Moskovka’ journal, proceedings of the program and other printed matters without any outside assistance. Basically we receive a profit from selling our above-mentioned publications, as well as by donations from fellows of our project and other persons.


Thanks to active support of Olga Leonidovna Rossolimo, the director of the Zoological Museum of Moscow University, the publication of first four issues of annual surveys was fully sponsored by the museum.

In 2001 D. B. Koltsov and T.V. Sviridova had undertaken free of charge printing of cards for birdwatching (within the bounds of our program) in Moscow Oblast.

P.V. Ledenyov made a certain contribution which became a constituent part of payment for printing of annual survey “Birds of Moscow and the Moscow Region – 2002”.

The placement of paid-for advertisement for Ecological Travels Centre in annual survey “Birds of Moscow and the Moscow Region — 2003” was provided by V. Yu. Arkhipov.

The publication of a book “Atlas. Birds of Moscow City and the Moscow Region” (published in 2006), and as well as its distribution at reduced prices among fellows of the program became feasible through the grant KNIP/MATRA which was given us by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and through the sponsorship received from S. A. Smirnov, V. V. Tyacht, E. V. Shevchenko, I. G. Burov, I. L. Kalinin, Yu. V. Nakhimova whose names were printed at the title page of the book. The name of V.S. Shlykova didn’t appear at the title page since she made her contribution after the book went to press.

Russian Bird Conservation Union has rendered us a substantial assistance in receipt of a circulation of the aforesaid book, which was printed abroad.


The project of creating Breeding Bird Atlas of European Russia is already supported by:

European Bird Census Council

MAVA Foundation in Switzerland

Swiss Ornithological Institute

Swedish Ornithological Society (Ulf Ottosson, Richard Ottvall, Johan Elmberg, Martin Green, Rolf Gustafsson, Fredrik Haas, Niklas Holmqvist, Åke Lindström, Leif Nilsson, Mikael Svensson, Sören Svensson and Martin Tjernberg)

NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union)

Colleague from Catalan Ornithological Institute (Sergi Herrando, Lluis Brotons, Joan Estrada, Marc Anton)


Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow


 How you can help:

  • By volunteering to carry out fieldwork.
  • By making a financial contribution towards costs, such as fieldwork expenses, the Atlas Secretariat and the creation and operation of the Atlas website.
  • The contributions of participants and sponsors will be mentioned in promotional material, the website, and the final Atlas.